Join other families with rare conditions to
share support and collaborate on research.

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How it works

The digital space empowering families

Find your peers

Get introduced to those who share your situation from location and culture to patient age, and more. Call or message, 1-on-1 or in groups, using personal privacy settings.

Meet researchers

Get to know academic and industry experts working on rare diseases. Ask questions, share your experiences, and co-design new projects.

Grow advocacy groups

Start, manage, or grow your community with features designed just for you including automatic group moderation, real-time translation, and feed search.

where to start

Rarecomend: our resource library

We're building on our Chief Rare Mom's viral rare disease and disability resource guide to introduce a brand new interface, crowdsourcing, and more features to come.

While we gear up for launch...

We write about topics ranging from caregiving finances to caregivers in media. We'll post updates about us too. Stay up-to-date here!

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